Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Game We Play

Try to see what is it that I’m feeling?
Try to find out what lies deep beneath
Beneath the pretty complexion of this make-up world
Beneath the pretense and the mind games that we play
Will you choose to display the truth for all to see?
Or join me in this game of hide, disguise and lies?
Perhaps it’s better to live in the abstract thoughts of others
Or maybe create a world all of our own
A little piece of heaven here on earth
You’ll be the Eve and Adam I
Surprise me with the apple
And tear us down from the clouds onto the floor
And as we fall with no regret
Laughing out of pride and out of boredom
We had the chance
We didn’t last
So what will follow us in time to come?
Will we build another paradise for just us two?
Or get the tickets to the one around the corner?
It’s always easier to blame others for the failure that we’ll face
It’s always much more appealing and amusing
To have a scapegoat in our sight
A little being to throw up for the sacrifice
And buy ourselves the time we’ll need to find another
Another image of a perfect life
Until the day that someone breaks in with the torchlight
And sheds the light unto the shadows that dwell there in the corners
Revealing to our eyes what is already buried in our mind

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