Saturday, 7 March 2009


In my eyes a sight divine
An angel with wings on fire
A tiny fairy high on love
A troll asphyxiating
An elf with open wrists
My own forest of beliefs
A little place inside my aching head

An evil witch with rotten teeth
A princess locked away for life
A king with swollen lungs
A queen with a plastic heart
And a prince who fancies boys

My own creation
My own labyrinth of myths
My salvation
My desire

A dog that eats no meat
And a cat who shaves her tail
A bird that cannot fly
And a dragon who has puffed himself to death

A place where my imagination runs wild
A place where everything can happen
A kingdom I called VOID
Where I drug myself to point of no return
Where I can see the future clear
Where is spent much of my precious time
From where I come back broken yet relieved
A place where you can join me
And be whatever you desire
Only to wake up next to me in bed
With bruises, cuts and a feeling of disgust

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