Thursday, 12 February 2009

Is this the norm ?

She wakes up. Staring with her tired and sleepless eyes at her watch, she tries to trace back time to the last event before she passed out. Yes, she was at a club. Off course she didn’t pay the bill. What modern girl living in the fantasy of wealth she has none of, ever does? Tony took care of the bill, he always does! Her bodily odor has crawled through the thick wall of expensive French perfume. She reaches into her bag, a knock off of that three thousand one she saw at the mall, and picks up a small mirror. “Never looked worse!” she cries out as loud as she could fake knowing that everyone in the house will hear and run to protest that she looks great. No one comes through the door and it’s awfully quiet. Not the reaction that she played in her head a minute ago. She stands up and tries to find the bathroom. Ok, so if I am in the living room, the bathroom must be someplace at the end of one of these long corridors. She walks past some other people, whose faces are vaguely familiar. The bathroom door is at the end of the hall. Walking in, she locks the door behind her. Can’t wash the make up off, I’m not home! Damn! Exiting the bathroom, a new mission awaits. Find the cellular phone and call the cab after finding out exactly what part of town she is in and making up an appropriate excuse for the family for not spending the night at home and just exactly why her phone line was shut. Great! Carla is here! And she’s passed out next to that guy whom she met last night! What the hell was she thinking? Seriously, people should know when they don’t belong and not try so hard to blend in! At least she now knows that she is at Carla’s and that there is no way she can afford a taxi back home. Can’t call Ian, and explain why she isn’t at Mel’s studying for the finals. That bag in the corner looks genuine, so it must have some bucks in it, right? And whoever can afford a genuine LV will not mind a couple of green papers missing, plus if they are passed out after last night, they should assume that someone got away with paying the bill and made them pay instead taking into consideration that they are way too drunk to realize that they have already paid! Great! Got the cash, called the cab! Now think of the excuse for the family and then Ian. The cell phone’s battery died out and since she left the charger at home, and bringing up the fact that Mel’s phone is of different brand, which means that her charger did no good, Ian’s excuse seems pretty good. Anyway she’ll call him as soon as she gets home, frustrated how he did not find out Mel’s phone number and called her to see why her phone is off, this means he doesn’t care, he was probably out with someone else! Damn, this excuse might even get her that necklace she wants. Awesome! Now what do we tell the folks? Why didn’t she call them and tell them that she won’t be spending the night at home. The phone story will work out for the parents as well, but parents are not rich boyfriends and they will surely throw back the line “Why didn’t you call us on the house line?” Ok, relax, concentrate. Got it! Mel’s parents are out of town and Mel totally forgot to pay the phone bill. The parents don’t know that Mel has a cell phone. Wicked! Seems like this is just another one of those days when a girl can get away with anything as long as she has her wit, passion for life and high heels on.


  1. hehe, i can c that u know all the little dark secrets of an uptown girl... i do hope that u'll do share them with us... u know US... hehe... nice write very very lovely....

  2. i have to agree with jowell hehe very nice catching story, i really liked it, but kinda was hoping to get somewhere else, but it makes sense in the end.
    keep up the good work