Monday, 16 February 2009

Relative Happiness

What makes you happy? Isn’t happiness as relative as taste in music, understanding of beauty or lifestyle choices? I spent some time thinking about what is it that truly makes me happy. I made a list. I then asked several other people what makes them happy? And although certain things were the same as mine…many others differed. So what is happiness? Family? Wealth? Waking up every morning? The ability to see, hear, taste? All these things are pieces to the puzzle, but what does this puzzle look like once complete? What does it resemble? This question was on my mind the whole entire day. I talked to my mom, taking into consideration the age difference, thinking that the way she perceives happiness would differ from me, but apparently we had more in common then a friend who is my age. I even talked to two completely different types of people, a young successful business man and an old security guard…they had more in common then my younger sister and her friend. This made the puzzle seem even more complex. If two persons who seem to be the complete opposites of each other have more in common in the understanding of happiness then two young girls of the same age and social class…what is it that determines out perception of happiness? To some money is the universal key to the gate of everlasting joy.Others see that in the eyes of their newborn.A third party only sees this joy when following a path to fulfill their own desires of lust and passion.I guess what it all comes to is that happiness is not all that relative. Since apparently relative is something much more complex then it seems.Happiness is that one thing that defines the moment of tension release within a person, the fraction of a second when the muscles in our face tense to form a smile. And the reason to why this happens could be anything…No matter what that reason is, a person will go to mortifying lengths and heights to achieve it. And that’s when happiness seems to be more of a scare then a relief.

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