Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Need to Attract

This constant need to attract attention to ourselves is not likely to go away anytime soon. Perfumes, hairstyles and clothes! Fashion in general consumes and preys on the human need to attract attention to themselves, as well as to separate somehow from the rest. Even though many believe that it is only the women that constantly strive to achieve a look that will place them on a higher pedestal from all the others around them, I believe that men are involved in this web and ongoing game for distinction and are not playing in a slower pace at all. We all need to be distinct. We all are distinct! It’s in our D.N.A. We don’t look alike under the microscope; neither are we similar from miles away or face to face. In a group of either sexes, the members are competing to look better, to the very least look their best! We feed on the compliments and the looks that are thrown our way from every direction at any given place or time. It’s funny how some people claim to look for the inner beauty of a person. When reflecting on such boasts, I always wonder…how you will see the inside character and quality of anyone if their physical look is something you will most certainly miss. If a person looks as plain as a white piece of cloth, will you seriously take the time to see the kind of material that cloth is? So flaunt and parade yourself in the best way you know you can! Attract with no mercy! Morals are lovely, but even they have been upgraded. Invent new colors! Stand out!

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  1. i enjoy reading ur blogs but why are you narrowing urself down to beauty topics... they are intresting, the least to say, but i would like to read more of Dim's mind in other topics. wat dó you say? yalla Peace keep on penning